Caroline has written and illustrated several books about her dog Oscar and his adventures. They are based on her mischievous mutt, Oscar with the colouring taken from her other dog, Millie.

Illustrated with lively colourful watercolours they are particularly suited to children between 2 and 6 though they seem to appeal to a wider audience!

The inspiration for her first story, Oscar and the Suitcase , came from seeing how sad Oscar was when the Suitcase came down, so he hatches a plan!

Because of the success of that book Caroline has created new scenarios in which the little dog stars, developing these ideas whilst walking Millie and Oscar, who is now the ripe old age of 15!

Illustrations from the Oscar books


Oscar on Facebook: Oscar: Stories of an Adventurous Dog

Caroline has published six books to date and these can be purchased below.

The first four are paperback, the last two are large format.

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