I love dogs and capturing their particular character is top of the list when I sketch or paint their portrait. I love the way they interact with their owners; they really are Man’s Best Friend!

I have drawn a series of pencil sketches of dogs which were about portraying the particular character of the breed and have made them into cards….at the moment there are about 20 cards but I know I will have to increase my portfolio as I’ve lost count how many times a customer has asked for their own favourite for it of course not to be there!

Here is an example of one of my dog breed cards (£2.50 each )


This illustration of dogs ( below) was compiled to show the contrasting characters of this motley crew ! Dogs eyes have so much soul and are important to reflect their personality.  Last year (before the first lockdown) I held a pet portrait workshop and one student who hadn’t painted since she was a child managed to capture the soul of her beloved pet so much so that it reduced me to tears!

I am often asked to paint commissions and this ( below) is one of my favourites. The little dog oozed character ! I used watercolour on Art Spectrum paper to loosely sketch his form and then used soft pastels to build up the layers.

Charlie, the wire haired dachshund was a painting I did for a lady who didn’t have a dog but had fallen in love with Charlie whilst on holiday! So a picture commissioned by her husband was the next best thing to having the real thing!

Last but not least is a little sketch of my dog Oscar who sadly is no longer with us. He was a real character and loyal to the end and I have this image framed and feel it reflects his devotion . I have used him in a series of books about him and his adventures and will chat about those in a future blog.


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