Expressive work

Many people ask me what I’m drawn to when I am confronted by a blank canvas or sheet of paper and I can’t really say that Its a particular subject matter or medium but more how I interpret it. So I’m not an artist who focuses on animals or landscapes, realism or abstraction but rather on my response to its mood, atmosphere or qualities.

Here are a few paintings which conveyed a sense of drama within their working :

My painting of Malvern Hills was painted large scale (6’ x 4’) in mixed media with a combination of acrylics, oils and charcoal. I wanted to respond to the light and texture which the weather brought to these sweeping hills.

Storm above Malvern

My second interpretation of the Hills was more about mark making and I used the approaching storm to create drama. Painted in mixed media using acrylic inks and oil.

Dappled light

In my painting of a river meandering through a wood and using mixed media, acrylic inks, oils and charcoal I wanted to convey a contrast between the encroaching woods surrounding the babbling brook and light as it managed to infiltrate and reflect on the water.

An Abandoned Barn

Interpreted using watercolour and pastels I love old buildings and their abandoned often neglected presence. I’m particularly drawn to the faded colours and rich pattern with encroaching vegetation.

Don’t forget to tune in to Sky Landscape Artist of the Year on Freeview 11 this Wednesday (repeated Sunday) where I appear as a Wild Card . On one of the hottest days of the year it was quite a challenge to respond to this City Lake at Stoke Newington.

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