Going big!

Now and again I will tackle a bigger painting which could be 6’x 4’ or more! Using a blank canvas or heavy watercolour paper it enables me to combine broad mark making and colour with expressive gesture.

It can be a little daunting to be faced with such a vast expanse but I find working on all parts of the canvas enables the work to be read cohesively .


‘Hounds’ 6’ x 4’, mixed media . I am always attracted to the movement and response of these wonderful hounds and wanted to encapsulate this in a painting that’s full of life.

My passion for depicting animals resulted in another large scale painting of three cows looking over a wall. I love these beasts wonderful faces and their inquisitive gentle nature and enjoyed capturing this in mixed media.

Lime Tree, Frith Wood , 6’ x 4 ‘ mixed media

I was so taken by this incredible tree that I came across near my home that I had to respond to it’s magnificent structure. I used a mixture of paint, pastel and conte on heavy duty paper and working on a table I could really add texture and form so that it grew organically.

The painting ‘ Eight Million ‘ ( 6’ x 4’) was a tribute to the eight million horses that were casualties of the First World War and was the first large painting exhibited in our new gallery , TAKE 4. It contrasted a large powerful shire horse with a delicate image of a poppy, a symbol of the Great War. It, too , was painted in mixed media and the emotion it conveyed was felt by several of our visitors to the gallery and it was quickly rehoused!

I love painting The Malverns with its undulating hills and wonderful light. Painted in mixed media and using acrylic,oils and conte the size enables me to incorporate the scene and transport the viewer to the panoramic vista.

I am always ready for another challenge on this scale so please email me if you have a particular subject you’d like to commission.

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