Loving Nature

I absolutely love being immersed in the countryside and walking is a daily ritual which enables me to plan for the day ahead whilst absorbing all the sights and sounds that Nature offers.

I stumbled across this lime tree on a walk through Frith Wood and was so struck by its grandeur that I had to capture it.  I used heavy rough watercolour paper and used a combination of drawing materials and watercolour.  It was no mean feat especially as I had to draw it on the floor as it was so large. I hope I did it’s immense grandeur justice!


Capturing blossom is incredibly difficult with the complexity of all the petals so I loosely painted the cherry blossom with broad strokes of oil paint. This painting reminds me a little of how Japanese paintings are created.

Japanese blossom

There are always little snippets of nature that can be brought into your own home and when you have a spare moment can be captured with watercolour,pen and ink. We hadn’t been long in our new home when the first lockdown occurred and I found solace capturing these flowers and jug on our windowsill whist packing cases remained unpacked!

Tulips are a wonderful spring flower and their vibrant colours bring so much joy . These were painted in watercolour with blocks of colour and not too much detail.  I just wanted to capture them confidently and allow them to speak for themselves.

Tulips in jug

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