My new weekly blog

With lockdown continuing I thought I’d share what I’ve been doing on a weekly basis with you. Alongside art that I’m currently in the process of doing , I’ll share some of what led me to approach my current work in such a way and hope it might inspire you in one way or another!

Firstly, before I start my weekly journal let’s talk about the last year!

Well , what a year that was , and interesting to see how creatives responded to the crisis. Some used the opportunity to create and expand their portfolio whilst others ( and I include myself in this group) found it more difficult! I just felt helpless and even though I volunteered to help in delivering shopping etc I wasn’t needed !

However, I realised I could use the first lockdown to give something back to Key workers whose work was invaluable in these unprecedented times . So I posted this donkey sketch

on social media asking people to put forward a key worker they knew and send me a photo of the key worker’s pet or favourite animal and I would do a pen,ink and watercolour sketch and post it to them as a gift. Very soon I was inundated with commissions and felt that I was giving back something ! What was also lovely was the response from the key worker which made it all so worthwhile .

At the end of 2020 I put some of the images into a calendar with 50% going to the local hospice and because of lockdown I still have some for sale so if you’re interested just get in touch. They have been reduced in price to £8.00. An added bonus is that the images can be framed once the month has gone by!

Part of the Key workers calendar

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