Pen and ink studies

I love the immediacy and fluidity you get from working directly onto paper and often my ‘go to’ pen is a simple black Edding fineliner which you can combine with a wet brush on some of the lines to create darker areas in the shaded areas.

Here is an example of a quick sketch I did on the Canal du Midi in France to illustrate the combination of pen and wash.

Another technique which I use and which really concentrates the mind is of drawing in one continuous movement and not taking your hand off the paper! It often means going back over a line to follow on but there is an intensity which can be very rewarding .

This pen and ink sketch is of Ledbury High Street and the perspective is critical so it was very much hand to eye coordination!

Sketching animals is a real love of mine and combining that with a limited palette can be a quick and rewarding task. I find using a spontaneous response to its characteristics can really get to the essence of why I’m drawn to that particular animal.

One of my favourite little dog sketches is of a little dog called Bo which is a constant companion to its elderly owner. I had the sketch made into a card and is for sale online and at TAKE 4 at £2.50 each.



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