I love capturing the expressions and character of the person I have chosen to portray . From sketching someone in pencil, pen and ink or paint, the challenges are infinite, and it is always a bonus if the result bears a resemblance to the subject!!

This simple sketch of my lovely Dad was drawn whilst he was busy drawing out plans  (he was an architect) and I enjoyed limiting my mark making . I have it framed and it always takes me back to that lovely sunny day in my parents garden.

The second sketch was the first one I did of our first grandson Sid and it became our Christmas card for that year. It will always be a cherished reminder of Sid’s first few weeks.

This pastel sketch of our youngest child, Sam , with Oscar our dog looking on was captured when Sam had just returned from school and was watching TV. Sam must have only been about 11 but he was oblivious to me sketching away! I like the contrast between the sketch of Sam and less defined image of a nosy Oscar!

This pastel painting of Anthony Negus , is a commission I was asked to do of a wonderful conductor at Longborough Festival Opera . I wanted to capture his expression ( particularly his sensitive hands) and movement whilst conducting and the lighting in the orchestra pit added to the drama.

A recent commission was that of two cheeky children and I loved their interaction and spontaneity with each other. I used pen, ink and watercolour to capture a moment in a precious time in their young lives.

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